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Empowering individuals on their path to sustained healing and spiritual growth through diverse wellness retreats with trauma-informed integration.

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About Us

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We're not just another retreat—we're a transformative experience with a profound difference. Located in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, and born from a shared vision of healing, we pioneer a blend of spiritual healing modalities and the ancient wisdom of natural, psychedelics, with loving, professional integration. From mediumship, to meditations, to Ayahuasca, psilocybin and many more modalities, we set the stage for a journey that delves deep into the body, mind and spirit to promote lasting change and holistic well-being. Our essence is woven from the threads of authenticity, integrity, and a heartfelt commitment to each individual's path to healing.

While many retreats offer escape, we offer engagement—a continuous path of personal development that begins with our natural healing experiences and flourishes through our tailored integration support. Dragonfly Awakenings stands apart in the realm of mental, physical and spiritual health care, guiding you gently, yet powerfully, through the complexities of healing trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and beyond. Our retreat is a sanctuary, where each guest experiences professional wellness care and the soulful touch of ancient and indigenous practices, together as a healing community.

Curious to discover the deeper story behind our unique approach? Eager to meet the compassionate visionaries who founded this sanctuary? Our story is a tapestry of dreams, healing, and connection—yours and ours intertwined.

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Gateways to Wellness

Natural Holistic Healing

Embrace the transformative power of natural, holistic healing modalities here at Dragonfly Awakenings. Embark on a grand adventure of healing and growth, guided by ancient modalities and highly skilled facilitators towards awakening, unconditional love and life-long positive transformation.

With deep reverence for Nature, we offer a range of natural healing approaches and medicine retreats, facilitated by skilled and vetted healers to empower self healing. These sacred medicines, revered for centuries, if not millennia, by various ancient, indigenous and shamanic cultures, are gaining increased recognition globally for their profound impact on improving mental, physical, and spiritual health. We also enrich your path to awakening and holistic wellness through a range of spiritual, health and wellbeing modalities and workshops as standalone offers and complimentors to enhance your retreat experience.

Embrace the journey to your higher self with Dragonfly Awakenings. Discover your path to healing and transformation. Each step beckons you towards a life of clarity, connection and holistic wellbeing.

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Plant & Natural Medicines

Delve into the ancient wisdom of the Earth. Discover our curated selection of sacred plant and natural medicines like Ayahuasca, psilocybin, bufo, kambo and more. In this page, we cover the origins, practices and benefits of the ceremonial medicines, the bridges to your healthiest, highest self, served here at Dragonfly Awakenings.

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Spiritual Healing Modalities

Discover powerful spiritual healing and growth at Dragonfly Awakenings. Our retreat offers a diverse range of modalities like Yoga, Reiki, Mediumship, Breathwork, Community Circles and more. Each practice is a powerful tools for improved holistic wellbeing, deeper self-awareness, heightened inner peace and so much more.

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a spiritual healing group using a range of spirit communication and healing modalities

Spiritual & Wellbeing Workshops

At Dragonfly Awakenings, we believe in nurturing every aspect of your being. Our spirituality and wellbeing workshops are designed to enrich your journey towards self-discovery, joy and holistic health. From affirmations and guided meditations, to developing your intuition, our workshops are a sanctuary for growth and enlightenment.

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Specialist Integration

At Dragonfly Awakenings, we're all about making the mystical practical through specialist integration. We ask, why struggle to scale the lofty heights of enlightenment, only to miss the peak by not being prepared and getting lost on the way up and down? Healing with natural, especially psychedelic, medicines, is not just about reaching that transformative peak; it's about being optimally prepared for the journey, then weaving the path back into your everyday world without tumbling down.

Our integration approach is a deeply heartfelt dedication to your journey. We recognize that true healing transcends the quick-fix mentality of today's approaches. Instead, we cherish the art of deep, attentive integration as the cornerstone of lasting, positive transformation. It’s not just about change; it’s about change that stays with you, enriching your life and touching the lives of those around you, forever.

As you embark on your journey with us, we guide you through the intricate what's, how's, and why's of pre, during, and post-ceremony integration. Our aim? To ensure you're not just prepared, but profoundly ready to navigate your healing adventure. We want the insights, breakthroughs and healing you experience to be more than brief moments and fond memories — our goal is for them to become enduring rays of light in your life. Equipped with our treasure trove of tools, techniques and nuggets of wisdom, you’ll find that the Dragonfly Awakenings experience is far from ordinary. Imagine a lifetime of love, health, and abundance, all sparked by a week(end) of earnest, heartfelt work with us. That's the magic we offer through our retreats and integration.

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Healing, Integration & Wellness Retreats

Embark on an enchanting journey at Dragonfly Awakenings, where each retreat is a celebration of life, health, spirit, and transformation. We host a range of retreats, with our grand opening being graced by none other than the vibrant presence of the Yawanawa tribe from Brazil. It was a ceremony of love, light and joy like no other. This was not just a retreat, it was a grand celebration, where we all welcomed new beginnings, health and abundance into our lives.

Our opening ceremonies with the Yawanawa was just the beginning of an array of powerful healing experiences. Our healing, integration and wellness retreat center offers a comprehensive range of retreats to nourish your mind, body and soul. From introspective spiritual practices, to gentle yoga and meditation retreats to the potent psychedelic ceremonies with Ayahuasca and psilocybin, each move us towards deep awareness, holistic wellbeing and inner peace. Every aspect of our retreats are infused with the essence of spiritual enrichment and personal growth. Your journey with us will be a tapestry of memorable moments, guided by the benevolent spirits of nature, our team of certified integration coaches and your higher self.

Step into a world where every moment of every retreat is an opportunity for connection, healing, and growth. At Dragonfly Awakenings, we invite you to immerse yourself in a holistic experience, intricately weaving together the rich tapestry of ancient traditions, the warmth of community spirit, and the journey of personal transformation. For more details about our retreats, including what's included, the array of extras, the treasures waiting in our store, and a glimpse into our future offerings, visit our comprehensive retreat offering page below. Your path to awakening is just a click away.

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Passenger Testimonials

grace, a previous happy guest who wrote a testimonial

Grace Hokoma

Colorado, USA

"Teresa has been instrumental in helping me on my healing journey towards being the best possible version of myself I can be. When I was super low after the ending of an abusive relationship, Teresa's gentle kindness in her yoga classes opened my heart and opened my eyes towards where I wanted to be putting my energy. She helped me remember that I had goodness and light and helped me remember to tap into my own strength. I continued to see her for reiki and yoga and mentorship and through all of it, she guided me in exactly the right direction. She is an amazing intuitive, a beautiful open soul and has such a strong expansive heart. Anyone who gets to spend time with Teresa knows that she is an angel and healing force in our world. Even now, whenever I feel low or in the depths of darkness, I just picture being held in her arms and I feel her spirit reach out to me and encourage and support me wherever I am. I highly recommend Teresa as a guide and healer. "

kelly, a previous guest who provided a testimonial


British Columbia, Canada

Ramona facilitated my entrance into plant medicine a few years ago and is still my beautiful teacher, friend and medicine sister today. She first held space with me at a plant medicine retreat that she facilitated in Costa Rica. She prepared me with her knowledge of the plant healing path. Her personal tutelage of plant medicine and the deep healing it provided, eased my apprehension and fear immensely. She also provided personal care as an assistant to the server, during my first and very powerful experience. I believe her true calling is to be in service to others through love, faith and higher consciousness.

angie, a previous happy guest who wrote a testimonial


Oklahoma, USA

“Denise has such a gift of making you feel comfortable and has really given me a different view of death and afterlife. I am now incredibly more aware of the connection with my parents that have passed on and feel their presence in my life daily. I would encourage anyone not to miss a chance to spend time with her because she truly has a beautiful gift to share. 💕”

Chad Panton, a previous guest who provided a testimonial


Florida, USA

“I couldn’t speak more highly of the time I have spent with Teresa! She is a strong soul committed to authentically standing in her truth. Her gifts are undeniable as she dances with spirit to beautifully serve and impact the Kingdom. She is a steadfast source of wisdom, guidance and most importantly love. The conveyance was rich with details and divinity. I will forever be grateful for this experience as I can honestly say it helped heal and open my heart.”

Mitch, a previous guest who provided a testimonial


Samara, Costa Rica

“Before I began working with Ramona, I felt disconnected and a little shattered. Her assistance before, during and after my ceremony made this one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. She helped me find a better me, which was dormant for a long time. I now feel a better connection to everything and everyone. I have never felt so much love and am forever grateful to Ramona for her part in this.”

Julia, a previous guest who provided a testimonial


Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

"I started seeing Denise during a time when I had lost my partner and in turn also lost myself. Working with her helped me gain coping skills to manage my grief. Continuing to see her allowed me to gain closure and a new perspective and in turn a new life. I am forever grateful to her."

melissa, a previous guest who provided a testimonial

Melissa Nelson

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

"I have had many Reiki sessions with Teresa and I cannot recommend her enough. When life gets tough, she calms me down and resets me so I am ready to start again. My ability to feel positive energy has increased and I am much happier and can rise above negativity much easier now. No session is the same. I always feel clear headed, healthy, balanced and loved after a session."

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